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Caring for your Safety Glasses?

Care for your safety eyewear.

How to clean and care for your Safety Glasses

Our eyes are irreplaceable so we need to always ensure we keep them well protected. Investing in a quality pair of safety glasses or safety goggles will help to protect your eyes when working in high risk industries such as manufacturing, welding, fabricating or construction.
Making sure your safety glasses are well maintained will help you to keep your eyes safe. Read on to learn some tips to keep your eye protection in top notch condition...

Caring for your Safety Glasses - Checklist

1. A large airborne piece of debris could cause harm or injury if it connects with pre-damaged eyewear. Always inspect your safety glasses or safety goggles on a regular basis. Check frames as well as lenses for any cracks or extreme wear. Replace eyeglass headbands if they are worn or have lost elasticity.

2. Run your glasses under cool or lukewarm water to remove any debis or dust. It's not recommended to use water which may be contaminated or which may carry waterbourne organisms which could make their way into your eyes. If the water you use is too hot it could damage your reflective anti-fog coatings.

3. If the frames of your glasses collect dirt or grime use a soft tooth brush to clean crevices or hinges. Take care if using a toothbrush as it could damage your lenses.

4. Microfibre cloths are highly reccomended on your glasses' lenses. Check that it is dry and clean first. Even the smallest of particles could damge safety goggles or safety glasses' lenses very easily. Never use your clothing or tissues to clean your glasses.

5. If you are using a cleaning solution or cleaning wipes on your safety glasses make sure that they are intended to be used on glasses or lenses. Do not use harsh solvents, detergents or alcohol based cleaning products.

6. Use a pouch or carrying case to keep your eyewear safe when they aren't being used.7. If goggles, face shields or safety glasses have been significantly scratched or had their frames damaged, replace them. Don't risk it.

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