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Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

Fri, April 29, 2016     |   Bay Engineers Supplies Blog

Slips, trips and falls are responsible for the most home injuries reported by New Zealanders.  

Last year 70,000 Kiwis reported a serious fall.  

$135million is paid out yearly by ACC and taxpayers for rehabilitation and treatments for injuries sustained when tripping and falling.

Trip and fall accidents also cost employers millions of dollars a year when these accidents happen to their employees while at work.

Bay Engineers Supplies is dedicated to keeping their employees and customers safe by informing them of how to stay safe in hazardous situations.  


Reduce slip, trip and fall accidents at home or in the workplace by staying on the lookout for hazardous situations like these below…

Wet Floors

Greasy Floors

Dusty Floors

Loose Carpets

Uneven Flooring

Electrical Cables

Rubbish or Clutter

Muddy Surfaces

Ice, Sleet or Snow

Freshly Polished Floors or Tiles

Sloped Walkways

Poor Lighting


How can we prevent Slips, Trips and Falls?

Good Housekeeping is possibly the best way to reduce slip and fall accidents at home or at work.  If there is any type of a spill, mark the wet area and ensure to clean up the mess immediately.  

Sweep up any rubbish or debris as soon as possible.

If there is any clutter in high traffic areas pick it up before an accident occurs.

Tack or tape down any loose carpet or mats.

If you are working in a dimly lit area find a light source which will brighten your work space.

Cover electrical cables and power cords so that they aren’t easily


Maintain your floor surfaces

If you are working in an area which are often wet or muddy modify the surface of the floor to decrease slip and falls.  Replace uneven floors, install matting or spray walking surfaces with non slip coatings.


Shoes and Boots?

It is important to wear appropriate footwear suited to your conditions.  You should regularly check the soles of your footwear for excessive wear especially if you spend a lot of time in greasy, wet or outdoor environments.  Always make sure your shoes and boots fit well to reduce tripping accidents.  If you aren’t wearing appropriate footwear associated to the job it’s only a matter of time until you’ll slip, trip or fall.


Be aware of your situation

Stay focused on the job at hand and take your time.  Rushing around, running or taking shortcuts on the site can often result in serious injury.  

Keep your head up as well. Can that text message wait?  More and more accidents are being reported yearly because of distraction due to smart phones.

Have a look through the products list on our website for Safety Signage, Additional Lighting, Footwear and Non Slip Surface Solutions or get in touch with one of our Sales Assistants for advice on how to keep your workplace or home safe.